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Are you tired of searching multiple stores for all your automotive needs? Look no further! Welcome to our car parts online store, your go-to destination for a wide selection of auto products and automotive accessories.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance supplies, finding everything you need in one convenient place can be a challenge. But with our extensive inventory, you can say goodbye to the hassle of shopping at multiple stores. Whether you’re looking for specific car parts, shopping for maintenance supplies, or upgrading your vehicle, we have you covered.

But what sets us apart from other automotive accessories shops?

High-Quality Auto Parts from Top Manufacturers

At our top-rated auto parts store, we take pride in partnering with the best manufacturers in the world. We refer to these manufacturers as Channel Partners, highlighting the strong relationships we have with them. Our commitment to providing customers with the best car care products drives us to offer industry-leading, high-quality parts for all makes and models of vehicles.

From import and hybrid to domestic and heavy-duty vehicles, we carry a wide selection of trusted brands that exceed product specifications and quality standards. Our inventory goes beyond car parts to include tools, accessories, and collision repair products, ensuring that our customers have everything they need for their automotive needs.

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality auto parts. By choosing our high-quality auto parts retailer, you can have confidence in the durability and performance of the products you purchase. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and our commitment to delivering top-rated products has made us the preferred choice for car enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike.

Discover the difference that high-quality auto parts can make in your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Shop with us today and experience the best car care products on the market.

Benefits of Choosing Our High-Quality Auto Parts:
Durability: Our auto parts are built to last, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability for your vehicle.
Compatibility: Our wide selection of parts covers all makes and models, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your specific vehicle.
Enhanced Performance: With high-quality auto parts, you can expect improved performance and optimized functionality.
Trusted Brands: We partner with top manufacturers known for their exceptional quality and reputation in the industry.
Peace of Mind: Investing in high-quality auto parts provides peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is equipped with the best products available.

Comprehensive Braking System Parts

When it comes to your vehicle’s braking system, you need reliable and high-quality parts to ensure your safety on the road. That’s where our comprehensive range of braking system parts comes in. Our featured line, the Perfect Stop® family, offers a wide variety of brake components designed to meet or exceed OE fit, form, and function.

Whether you’re in need of brake pads, rotors, calipers, drums, shoes, fluids, or cleaners, we have you covered. Each part in the Perfect Stop® line is engineered with precision and attention to detail, guaranteeing flawless stopping performance.

If you’re looking to upgrade your braking system, our line also includes premium-caliber color-matched calipers that not only enhance the performance of your brakes but also add a touch of style to your vehicle. Additionally, we offer high-quality synthetic brake fluid and brake cleaner that provide superior cleaning power for optimal brake maintenance.

By choosing our comprehensive range of braking system parts, you can have confidence in the reliability and performance of your vehicle’s brakes. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional mechanic, our products are designed to meet your specific needs.

Brake Parts Brake Rotors Brake Pads Brake Calipers Brake Fluids
Includes brake pads, rotors, drums, shoes, and more Offers a wide selection of high-quality brake rotors Provides various brake pad options for different vehicles Features color-matched calipers for improved performance Includes synthetic brake fluid and brake cleaner for maintenance

Top-Quality Parts Master® Products

Our store is proud to offer a wide range of high-quality parts and accessories from Parts Master®, which is known for its exceptional quality and reliability. With over 65 different product categories, Parts Master® ensures that you can find the perfect automotive parts for your needs. Whether you’re looking for motor oil, batteries, filters, chemicals, brake rotors, or chassis products, we have you covered.

Take a look at some of the primary product lines that we offer:

Product Line Description
Motor Oil High-quality motor oil that provides optimum engine performance and protection.
Batteries Durable and reliable batteries that ensure a consistent power supply for your vehicle.
Filters Premium filters designed to trap contaminants and ensure clean air and fluid flow.
Chemicals A wide range of automotive chemicals, including cleaners, lubricants, and additives.
Brake Rotors High-performance brake rotors that provide excellent stopping power and durability.
Chassis Products Diverse range of chassis products, including suspension components and steering parts.

These are just some examples of the exceptional Parts Master® products we offer. Whether you need reliable motor oil, long-lasting batteries, efficient filters, top-notch chemicals, high-performance brake rotors, or durable chassis products, you can trust in the quality and reliability of Parts Master®. We are committed to providing you with the best products for your automotive needs.

Clear Visibility with Perfect View® Wiper Blades

When it comes to ensuring clear visibility during all types of weather conditions, our Perfect View® wiper blades are the ideal choice. These technologically advanced wiper blades are specially designed to provide superior performance and a flawless wiping experience.

What sets our Perfect View® wiper blades apart from conventional blades is their innovative beam blade construction. Unlike traditional blades that feature multiple pressure points, beam blades offer a sleek, one-piece design that maximizes contact with the windshield, resulting in better performance and improved windshield visibility.

With the Perfect View® line of wiper blades, you can expect smooth and quiet operation. The graphite-treated natural rubber wiping edge ensures optimal performance, allowing the blades to glide effortlessly across the windshield. The precision tensioned steel spring provides consistent and uniform pressure, preventing streaks and smears that can hinder your visibility on the road.

Furthermore, our Perfect View® wiper blades are equipped with an aerodynamic wind spoiler. This spoiler minimizes lift-off, ensuring that the blades remain firmly in contact with the windshield even at high speeds. The enhanced performance of these blades guarantees consistent and reliable wiping performance, giving you peace of mind during your journeys.

Upgrade to Perfect View® wiper blades today for a clear and unobstructed view of the road ahead. Experience the benefits of beam blade technology, including improved windshield visibility, smooth operation, and enhanced performance.

Don’t let compromised windshield visibility compromise your safety. Choose Perfect View® wiper blades for a clear view of the road ahead, rain or shine.

Benefits of Perfect View® Wiper Blades:

  • Improved windshield visibility
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Uniform pressure for streak-free performance
  • Aerodynamic wind spoiler for enhanced performance at high speeds

Why Choose Perfect View® Wiper Blades?

“Perfect View® wiper blades are a game-changer. I’ve tried many different blades, but none compare to the performance and quality of Perfect View®. The beam blade design ensures a clean sweep every time, and the smooth operation makes driving in rain or snow a breeze. I highly recommend Perfect View® to all drivers looking for the best visibility on the road.”

– Michelle Thompson, satisfied customer

Comparison: Perfect View® Wiper Blades vs. Conventional Blades

Feature Perfect View® Wiper Blades Conventional Blades
Design Beam blade for maximum contact Multiple pressure points
Operation Smooth and quiet Potential for squeaking and skipping
Pressure Distribution Uniform pressure for streak-free performance Uneven pressure leading to streaks and smears
High-Speed Performance Aerodynamic wind spoiler prevents lift-off Potential for lifting and reduced contact

The MacPherson Ride™ Brand of Strut Assemblies

Discover the exceptional quality and performance of the MacPherson Ride™ brand of strut assemblies, available exclusively at our store. As a leading provider of automotive parts, we take pride in offering this legendary brand to our valued customers. With MacPherson Ride™ strut assemblies, you can trust in their superior craftsmanship and durability for optimal ride control.

MacPherson Ride™ strut assemblies provide double the coverage of leading domestic brands, ensuring a wide range of vehicle compatibility. With over 400 numbers and counting, you can rest assured that a MacPherson Ride™ strut assembly is available for your specific vehicle. From sedans to SUVs, our range of MacPherson Ride™ strut assemblies has got you covered.

Each MacPherson Ride™ strut assembly is equipped with 100% new componentry, including springs, struts, mounts, and hardware. This ensures optimal performance and longevity, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride for you and your passengers. With MacPherson Ride™ strut assemblies, you can experience improved vehicle handling and stability on the road.

Choose MacPherson Ride™ strut assemblies for unmatched quality, reliability, and vehicle coverage. Upgrade your ride with confidence, knowing that you are investing in a brand that prioritizes performance and customer satisfaction. Visit our store today to explore our selection of MacPherson Ride™ strut assemblies and take your vehicle’s ride control to the next level.

Revolutionary UltraStop™ Disc Brake Pads

For drivers seeking exceptional braking performance, our store proudly offers the cutting-edge UltraStop™ disc brake pads. Designed with an advanced friction formula, these brake pads deliver superior stopping power, ensuring maximum safety on the road.

Our UltraStop™ disc brake pads have undergone rigorous testing at independent laboratories to ensure unparalleled noise dampening capabilities, enhanced stopping distance performance, and unmatched durability. When you choose UltraStop™, you can trust that you’re getting brake pads that are engineered for excellence.

These top-of-the-line brake pads feature OE-style hydraulic stamped multi-layer shims, which effectively reduce noise for a smooth and quiet braking experience. The performance-proven slots and chamfers, precisely matched to OE design, provide optimal brake performance and stability.

To protect against corrosion and extend the life of the brake pads, UltraStop™ features steel back plates with a powder coat finish. This innovative coating provides superior corrosion protection, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

When you purchase UltraStop™ disc brake pads, you’ll receive full hardware, including any necessary installation components. This comprehensive package makes it easy to replace your brake pads and restore your vehicle’s braking system to optimal performance.

Experience the difference of UltraStop™ disc brake pads and enjoy a smoother, safer ride. Upgrade your braking system today and discover the ultimate in braking performance.

Key Features Benefits
Advanced friction formula Superior stopping power
Noise dampening technology Smooth and quiet braking experience
OE-style stamped multi-layer shims Reduced noise and enhanced stability
Performance-proven slots and chamfers Optimal brake performance and consistency
Powder-coated steel back plates Maximum corrosion protection
Full hardware included Easy installation and convenience

Professional Auto Body Products from Auto Body Master

Auto Body Master is dedicated to providing professionals like you with the highest quality auto body products. With a focus on research, innovation, extensive field testing, and everyday application, Auto Body Master develops top-performing products that meet the needs of the auto body industry.

Using the highest quality raw materials available, Auto Body Master ensures that their products consistently deliver exceptional performance and durability. From detailing products to belts and cooling, brakes and wheel bearings, chassis and steering, ignition and engine filters, electrical components, manuals, exhaust and clutch, and fuel and emission products, Auto Body Master has you covered for all of your auto body repair needs.

When it comes to auto body work, using high-quality products is essential for achieving professional results. Auto Body Master understands the importance of using reliable and efficient products to ensure that your repairs are done to the highest standard. With their extensive range of products and commitment to quality, Auto Body Master is the trusted choice for professionals in the auto body industry.

throtl – Your Ultimate Tool Set for Auto Enthusiasts

throtl is more than just an online store. It’s the ultimate toolset for auto enthusiasts. Not only can you find new and used car parts at the touch of a finger, but you can also browse thousands of classified listings created by fellow car enthusiasts. throtl offers exclusive discounts on car parts and provides expert advice through their Tuner Chat. It’s the perfect platform to connect with the automotive community and get the help you need for your build.

Connect with Fellow Car Enthusiasts

When you join throtl, you become part of a vibrant community of passionate car enthusiasts. Share your projects, ask for advice, and gain inspiration from like-minded individuals who share your love for all things automotive.

Exclusive Discounts on Car Parts

As a throtl member, you gain access to exclusive discounts on car parts. Whether you’re looking for performance upgrades, OEM replacements, or aftermarket enhancements, you’ll find unbeatable deals on a wide range of car parts.

“throtl offers exclusive discounts on car parts and provides expert advice through their Tuner Chat.”

Expert Advice through Tuner Chat

Need some guidance on your car build? throtl’s Tuner Chat feature allows you to connect with experienced enthusiasts who can help you troubleshoot issues, recommend the right parts, and offer valuable insights based on their own experiences.

Enhance Your Car-Building Experience

throtl’s user-friendly interface and powerful search capabilities make it easy to find the exact car parts you need. With detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and recommendations, you can make informed decisions and ensure that every component you choose is a perfect fit for your build.

Benefits of throtl: Benefits of throtl Community:
Exclusive discounts on car parts Connect with like-minded car enthusiasts
Wide selection of new and used car parts Get expert advice from experienced builders
Expert advice through Tuner Chat Share your car project and gain inspiration
Convenient and user-friendly interface Access classified listings for additional parts

Huge Savings on Automotive Services and Parts

summer savings

At our store, we understand the importance of getting the best deals when it comes to automotive services and parts. That’s why we offer exclusive discounts to help you save big on your purchases. Whether you’re in need of new performance parts or require professional automotive services, we have you covered.

When you shop with us, you can enjoy discounts ranging from 10% to 40% on new performance parts. With our wide selection of top-quality parts, you can find everything you need to upgrade your vehicle at a fraction of the original price. From engine components to suspension systems, we have the parts you need to enhance your vehicle’s performance.

In addition to discounts on parts, we also regularly add special offers and promotions on local automotive services. These discounts allow you to save even more on essential services such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and more. We believe that regular maintenance shouldn’t break the bank, so we strive to provide you with the best deals on automotive services.

Summer Savings with Promo Code

As summer approaches, we’re excited to offer you additional savings with our summer promotion. Use the promo code “SUMMERSAVE” at checkout to earn 5% off on all your favorite summer products. Whether you’re looking for car accessories, camping gear, or travel essentials, our promo code allows you to enjoy significant savings during the summer season.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer! Take advantage of our huge savings on automotive services and parts today. Shop with us and experience the best prices without compromising on quality.

Benefits of Shopping with Us:
Exclusive discounts on new performance parts
Regularly added discounts on local automotive services
Seasonal promotions for additional savings
Wide selection of top-quality automotive products

With our commitment to providing you with the best prices and exceptional service, we strive to be your go-to destination for all your automotive needs. Start saving today and enjoy the benefits of shopping with us.

Kar Auto Parts – Your One-Stop Parts Shop

Kar Auto Parts is your go-to online parts shop for all your automotive needs. With our comprehensive inventory of high-quality automotive parts, we have everything you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly. From belts and cooling components to brakes and wheel bearings, we offer a wide range of products to meet your specific requirements.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our extensive selection and competitive pricing. We strive to provide the best products at the best prices, ensuring that you get exceptional value for your money. No matter what type of automotive part you’re looking for, you can rely on us to deliver.

Product Category Featured Products
Belts and Cooling Components Engine belts, radiator hoses, thermostat
Brakes Brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers
Wheel Bearings Front wheel bearings, rear wheel bearings

At Kar Auto Parts, we understand the importance of reliability and quality when it comes to automotive parts. That’s why we source our products from reputable manufacturers known for their exceptional craftsmanship and durability. When you shop with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting genuine parts that will fit and function seamlessly in your vehicle.

To further enhance your shopping experience, we offer a user-friendly website with intuitive navigation, making it easy for you to find the parts you need. Our secure checkout process ensures that your personal information is protected, and our fast shipping ensures that you receive your order promptly.

Experience the convenience of finding all the automotive parts you need in one place. Shop with Kar Auto Parts today and discover why we are the preferred choice for customers seeking top-quality products and exceptional service.


We hope this article has provided you with valuable information about Kar Auto Parts, your one-stop shop for all your automotive needs. With our wide selection of auto products, ranging from car parts to automotive accessories, you can find everything you need in one convenient place. Whether you’re looking for specific car parts, shopping for maintenance supplies, or upgrading your vehicle, our store has you covered.

At Kar Auto Parts, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality parts, accessories, and maintenance supplies. Our diverse range of products is sourced from top-notch manufacturers, ensuring that you receive the best quality for your vehicle. We also offer exclusive discounts, providing you with even more value for your money.

Shop with Kar Auto Parts today to experience the convenience and quality that we offer. Our car parts online store and automotive accessories shop are designed to meet all your vehicle maintenance supplies needs. Choose Kar Auto Parts as your trusted partner for all things automotive, and let us help you keep your vehicle running smoothly.


What types of products do you offer in your online store?

We offer a wide selection of auto products, including car parts, automotive accessories, and vehicle maintenance supplies.

Do you partner with top manufacturers for your auto parts?

Yes, we take pride in partnering with the best parts manufacturers in the world to offer high-quality auto parts.

What types of brake parts do you carry?

We carry a comprehensive range of braking system parts, including brake rotors, brake pads, brake calipers, and brake fluids.

What types of products are included in the Parts Master® line?

The Parts Master® line includes various products such as motor oil, batteries, filters, chemicals, and chassis products.

What are the features of the Perfect View® wiper blades?

The Perfect View® wiper blades are beam blades that provide improved windshield visibility, smooth operation, and aerodynamic performance.

Tell me more about the MacPherson Ride™ brand of strut assemblies?

The MacPherson Ride™ brand offers strut assemblies with double the coverage and over 400 numbers available. Each assembly contains 100% new components for superior ride control.

What makes the UltraStop™ disc brake pads revolutionary?

The UltraStop™ disc brake pads feature advanced friction formulations for superior stopping power, noise dampening, and corrosion protection.

What can I expect from Auto Body Master’s professional auto body products?

Auto Body Master provides high-quality auto body products made with the industry’s highest quality raw materials, ensuring exceptional performance.

What is throtl and what does it offer?

throtl is an online store that offers new and used car parts, classified listings, exclusive discounts, and expert advice for car enthusiasts.

Do you offer discounts on automotive services and parts?

Yes, we offer exclusive discounts on new performance parts and regular promotions on local automotive services, allowing you to save on your purchases.

What can I find at Kar Auto Parts, and what is your focus?

At Kar Auto Parts, we offer a comprehensive inventory of automotive parts and focus on providing high-quality products and competitive pricing.

Where can I find more information about your store and the products you offer?

You can find more information about our wide selection of auto products and shop online on our website.