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Airbag Clockspring ​
An Airbag Clockspring is an assembly that contains a spirally wound flat ribbon in order to allow the steering wheel to be turned, while maintaining a constant electrical connection to the driver airbag, horn and other electrical mounted controls of steering and wheel. It is usually mounted on a steering column and found under the steering wheel.

In order words the function of Air Bag Clockspring is to maintain the electrical continuity for all the components on the driver’s airbag.

It is usually replaced after the airbag has deployed due to an accident or due to some mechanical problems which causes the failure of the assembly body or ribbon.

 The malfunctioning is detected by an Unusual noise is caused while turning the steering wheel in either direction, intermittent electrical connections to the steering wheel mounted controls or the SRS light illuminated on the dash are all indicators that the clockspring has malfunctioned cause of the problem indicates towards its malfunctioning.