Auto Transmission Cooler​
Whether it's our bodies or a car engine, carrying extra weight, so it requires extra energy, due to which creates an excess heat. The great danger in these situations is overwork and overheating because too much heat can damage the engine, which can lead to expensive repairs or, even worse, breakdowns on the road. To avoid such dangers, car auto transmission coolers are installed in the vehicles. As temperature rises, the automatic transmission fluid begins to break down and damage occurs. Heat also causes expansion and changes tolerances on internal components. An overheated transmission will quickly fail.  In normal operation the automatic transmission produces a good deal of heat. An automatic transmission operates at around 175 degrees Fahrenheit, under normal conditions. When the temperature remains lower, moisture may build and it can lack efficiency. Automatic transmission temperature rising above 175 degrees is also a problem.

All vehicle manufacturers provide a means for cooling their automatic transmissions. As it transport fluid heat from the internal components and transfers it to the transmission case and pan. Air passing by the transmission case and pan, remove a great deal of excessive heat from the transmission.

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