Axle Beam Rear (FWD)​
There are two major types of dependent rear suspension which are the solid axles used on rear-wheel drive vehicles, and the beam axle used on front-wheel drive vehicles.

There are two types of suspensions; leaf spring suspension and coil spring suspension. Leaf spring is a design which is very similar to the front solid axle design. However, in this design the I-Beam is replaced with a drive axle housing, which is suspended and attached to leaf springs. The axle housing is held in place on the leaf springs by large U-bolts. Rubber bushings are used at the front and rear of the leaf spring in order to reduce road shock and vibrations. The spring itself is attached to the vehicle frame with the help of shackles at the rear, and bolts at the front. The front part of the leaf spring acts as a control arm, holding the axle in line to control wheelbase and maintain proper tracking whereas the front part of the spring is shorter than the rear part. This reduces axle wind rotation and increases control.

 On the other hand, the rear coil spring suspension is a variation of the rear leaf spring suspension often found in rear-wheel drive vehicles; the leaf springs have simply been replaced with coil springs.



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