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Keeping track of time has been an important task for travellers since before cars came into existence. Although early car and truck models did not have clocks installed, by the early 1900s numerous companies had begun manufacturing clocks as accessories for vehicles. By the time America ushered in the Roaring Twenties, car and truck manufacturers were including mechanical clocks in all of their models.

Since your car undoubtedly has a clock somewhere on the dashboard, you do not need to worry about installing one.

 However, some people choose to replace their car clocks is to give their dashboards a new look. For example, if your car came with an analog clock, the type with the dial and arms, and you want a digital clock, you may be able to replace your current clock. One of the most important factors to consider when switching out your current clock for one of a different style is whether the new clock fits into the cutout used by your old clock. If it is larger, smaller, or a different shape, you may need to determine the best way to install the new clock, which could involve purchasing a new dashboard or devising a way to make the cutout shape and size work for the new clock.