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Condenser/ Radiator mtd. Cooling Fan​
There are primarily two types of engine radiator cooling fan, electric and manual. A manual fan is connected to the engine drive pulleys and is controlled by a thermo fan clutch which senses radiator heat and engages when the engine is running at higher temperatures. These thermo reactive clutches are constructed to "freewheel" when not in use, and become connected using silicone grease which expands when heated. This unit uses a set of shaft bearings and seals to retain lubricant and are normally bolted to the water pump of the engine.

Howbeit, an electric cooling fan is used primarily to boost engine performance and cut down on emissions. These fans are featured in both front and rear wheel drive vehicles and are activated by a coolant sensor via the computer. Using a sensor the computer detects that the engine temperature is rising above normal limits, a signal is sent to close the fan control relay which is protected by a circuit fuse.