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Convertible Top Motor​
Most convertible’s top motors are located in a well in the trunk, begin by lowering the lid and image of removing convertible backseat removing the back seat. Start with the lower seat portion. Some lower seats simply push down and in to be removed while others have a retaining clip on each side that must be released. After the bottom is out of the car, remove the top portion, which is usually held in with one small bolt per side. Removing the bolts will allow you to lift and remove the seat.

 However, once the seat is out, you must have access to the pump and lines. Start by placing an old towel under the motor to catch any fluid leakage that will occur when you disconnect the lines. Using the proper line wrench, remove the lines from the pump. Depending on the amount of room available to you, it might be possible to get a small can under the pump and line to catch most of the fluid.