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used armrest


An armrest is a feature found in many modern vehicles on which occupants can rest their arms. Generally it is also found on chairs.

It is normally found in between the driving and passenger seats of the car, and known as central armrest, which commonly folds away based on user preference, will also often include a storage compartment and sometimes even cup holders. Some also provide the location for controls for non-essential functions of the vehicle. Sometimes one or two armrests may also be attached to each individual seat, a feature which is commonly seen in minivans and some SUVs. Frequently there is a further armrest built into the door of the car, often forming part of the door pulling handle. Whereas a rear arm-rest which is between the back seats, are folded in order to allow for the central (third) seating place to be used. In some designs where occupant safety is emphasized, including some Volvo models, the armrest doubles as a child seat, complete with especially adjustable seatbelt.

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