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Convertible Top Lift​​

Convertible cars come with convertible car problems. One is the occasional failure of the hydraulic systems in those cars. In order to install the convertible top lift, the procedure is bit complicated.

However, after the cylinder is removed, then it is ready to replace it with the new cylinder. Howbeit, new cylinder arrives in the retracted or ‘down’ position, making it impossible to install as is. Therefore, one must have to partially extend the cylinder rod. To do so, add a little thread sealant to the hydraulic line and connect the line. Tighten as tight as you can by hand then, using a line wrench, tighten another quarter to half turn. Don’t over tighten!

Once everything is connected and all air pockets have been eliminated, give the whole hydraulic system a visual inspection for leaks. One need to double check each hydraulic fitting and make sure the reservoir is tightly capped. Run the top through the paces a couple more times, and if everything is A-ok, reassemble the car.