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used header panel

Header Panel ​

Header Panel  is the front end of the vehicle, that is used to carry a few vital components that help ensure a smooth drive. The main two parts the header panel has to carry are the headlights and the grille of the vehicle. The headlights are the only way to navigate at night, as you will be unable to see your surrounding without them. Whereas, the grille lets air in, that helps cool down the engine and ensure a smooth working. These header panel are highly important in a vehicle, as without them it will be hard to maintain. Which is why it is important that the header panel stays in place, so the features that rely on it, can stay in their designated place and ensure proper working. The header panels only function is to help hold these things in their place, and nothing more and nothing less. These header panel come in a custom size according to the vehicle and its model.

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