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used wiper motor

Headlight Motor ​

Headlight Motor is used to to help the headlights move up, down, and sideways. This feature is not available in every vehicle, but only in a few of them. This headlight motor is placed behind the headlight, and can be used to place the focus of the headlights on something specific. This way the headlights are able to directly focus on the road ahead, and the driver will be able to see more clearly. The headlight motor, gets its message from the driver of the vehicle; and moves the headlights light accordingly. Usually, the headlight switch comes with a double throw switch. Which can be used to control them from the dashboard. The motor is what hold the entire process together, and is the reason the driver is able to move the lights at all. The headlight are an essential and necessary part of any vehicle, as it will be dangerous; and impossible to drive without them at night.

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