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used rear view mirrors

Heads Up Display ​

Heads Up Display in vehicles can be attached on the top the dashboard, as they feature a clear screen, the driver’s eyes will never be off the road. This head up display system will ensure that the driver does not look away from the road, and they will not be required to; as the system is connected to both the driver’s smartphone and the car. This is a great feature which allows you to take calls, view the map, read/hear messages, browse music, and do much more without having to lookaway from the screen for even a second. The main purpose of this heads up display is to ensure that the driver is never distracted, even for a second. Another feature that this system has to offer, is that it will keep you updated on the working of the vehicle. As it will be connected to the vehicle too, it can keep the driver updated if there is any issue with the vehicle or if the vehicle is running low on gas.

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