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used speedometer instrument cluster

Instrument Cluster​

An instrument Cluster in any vehicle is the area of the dashboard that features the speedometer; along with other instruments. The instrument cluster is located in the dashboard behind the steering wheel. The main task of this instrument cluster is to keep the driver updated with the workings and performance of the vehicle. As the instrument cluster is where you will be able to find all the instruments that are calculating the cars working. The instrument cluster is strategically placed in an area where the driver will be able to view it at any time without being distracted. There are two types of instrument clusters; one are digital and the others are analog. Most older vehicle feature the analog instrument cluster, while the modern vehicle features the digital instrument panel. There are many vehicle that feature a mixture of both, this entirely depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Mostly the instrument cluster, is referred to as the digital speedometer. Complete a PARTS FINDER form or search junk yards near your location, to see if they have your instrument clusters used, in like “new” condition.

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