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used jack assembly

Jack Assembly​

A vehicle jack, also known as a jackscrew or a screwjack, is known to be a mechanical device; that is used to lift heavy vehicles. A mechanical jack uses its screw thread to gain enough power to lift a heavy vehicle; in these the jack assembly is simple as the jack comes with a key which is rotated to give the vehicle a lift. On the other hand a hydraulic jack uses only hydraulic power to function. The most common kind of jacks are floor jacks, car jacks, or garage jacks; all these jacks are used to life vehicles, but keeping in mind the size and the weight of the vehicle. If there need to a tire changed, or to fix or check the engine and working of the vehicle these jacks are used to lift the vehicle. Each and every vehicle is heavy and different in size, so only a jack that can handle its weight should be used. These grade jacks can lift from 1.5 to 3 tons, depending on the jack.