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A not so newly added feature to the vehicles are the remote keys, which allows the driver to lock and unlock the vehicle without physically inserting the key. The key fobs or keyless remotes are a great way to save time, and ensuring that they key does not wear out so fast. There are some key remotes that allow not just the unlocking and locking of doors, but drivers can even open the trunk, and even set off the alarm of the vehicle. The best part is, all of these actions can be taken from a distance, so you do not have to wait till you are absolutely next to the car. Each key remote lock is designed to be different, so no other key remote will be able to unlock a different vehicle. These key fobs are a true mark of technology. Another added feature of these key remotes is that these vehicles come with an alarm system, so if someone tries to access inside the car without a key, the alarm will go off notifying the owner.

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