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Keys/Latches and Locks​

The keys, latches and locks are the most used components of the vehicle. One single key can be used to unlock the driver and the passenger set, the trunk, and finally can be used to start the engine. This one key is being constantly used, on a daily basis. The key latches and locks in any vehicle are used to secure the area of the vehicle. However, latches are only seen inside and outside the vehicle, and are used to unlock the vehicle from inside and out, whereas; the keys and the locks are a major component of the vehicle. They key and lock were designed to ensure that only the owner has access to to inside of the vehicle, and can be able to drive the vehicle. The lock and key of each and every car is different, so the same key cannot be used on different cars and models. This final and most important use of the key is to switch the car on, which can be done by inserting the key on the right side of the steering wheel.