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Lock Actuator​​

Lock actuators are an component used on electronic car doors. These lock actuators are used to locking and unlocking a vehicle, and can be achieved by simply pressing a button. There is a small motor that works when a button is pressed, and triggers a number of gears. The last trigger is what locks and unlocks the vehicle. These lock actuators are installed inside your car, and you can use them from some distance using a wireless remote that can easily be carried around in your pocket. The main task of the lock actuator is to ensure that all the door of the vehicle are locked and unlocked at the same time. This does not only save time, it allows the driver to relax; as they will not be required to check all the doors of the car every time they leave the car. The lock actuator works in a way that it has a connection with the locks of the vehicle’s doors, so it can easily lock and unlock them all at the same time.

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