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used rear view mirrors

Rear View Mirror​

The mirror rear view, is located right above or on the front screen in most vehicles, this mirror is added to give the driver a full view of what is going on behind the vehicle; without having to turn around.  The rearview mirror  was installed to give the driver a full view of the traffic coming behind, which the driver can see with the help of the rear view mirror. This is a great opportunity for drivers, as they need the view to ensure that there is no vehicle or object too close to them when they are reversing the car. Another advantage of the rear view mirror is, that when the driver is driving they have the ability to look behind before they make a turn, to ensure that they will not collide with another car. The rearview mirror is small and rectangular in shape, with curved edges. The task of the rearview mirror is simple, as it is only used to view the traffic while driving, and check for objects when reversing the vehicle.

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