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Seat (rear 2nd row)​

The second row seat of a vehicle features a full length seat, that can seat 3 people easily. This seat is located behind the passenger and driver seat, and are not separate seats. These seats are designed in a way that they offer full comfort to the passengers. There are vehicles that offer an arm rest option in the middle of these two seats, which can easily be stored away and the space can be used as a seat. This armrest is made using the same cloth and foam as the seat, and comes out of the seat as a cutout, so when it is closed the passenger does not feel any difference. These seats cannot be adjusted separately, but only a few models offer them to be adjusted separately, or adjusted at all. The foam used in these seats is firm, and offer a lot of years. The covers used on the seats are changeable, or another cover can be simply placed on top of them.