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used third row seat

Seat (rear 3rd row)​

Larger vehicles such as jeeps, and SUVs feature a third row, in which another set of three seats are provided. These vehicles are designed for 8 people to be driven around comfortably. The 3rd row is accessible by folding a seat of the second row, as majority vehicles do not come with 6 doors. These seats do not offer as much legroom as the first and second row seats do, but are made using the same foam and cloth material. These seats are foldable, so they can be put away easily. This option was added to give these vehicles more cargo space inside. The third row rear seats do not feature a window, but are more of a boxed situation. These seats are only adjustable in some models, and yes, as they are foldable they offer a split in the middle, so they can be adjusted separately. But only the two sides can be adjusted separately, as when they join together they make enough room for a third seat.

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