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Tail Light/ Trunk Lid​

Tail light are placed to help the driver behind the main vehicle see if the drive has hit brake, as a red light is featured when the driver of the vehicle hits brake. This feature was added to help avoid an accident situation, as it can be hard to guess when someone might hit the brakes. While there are vehicles that feature tail light on the back of the vehicle’s body; there are also those that feature half of these tail lights on the vehicle’s trunk lid. These trunk lid tail lights are not attached to the tail lights on the body, so they trunk can be accessed easily; they are connected through wires, and come on at the same time. The tail lights in the trunk lights have a small portion which is dedicated to the integrator of the vehicle. These lights blink when the drive has signaled that they will be turning right or left, which is determined by the side of the light that is blinking. As these tail lights are placed on both ends on the rear of the vehicle. Is easy to assess whether the vehicle will turn left or right.