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Tonneau Cover​

The tonneau cover is used to described the soft or hard cover that is used protect the passenger seat in a roadster or convertible, and even to cover the bed of the pickup truck. For the pickup truck there are three main types of tonneau covers available. One is the roll up model, which is made using heavy duty fiber, and can easily be rolled up. The second one is the tri fold model, that is sturdy than the fabric, and offer to open in three folds. The last one, is the hard cover top, that covers the entire bed, and clips on tightly on the sides; these are opened using a hinging system. Any of these three can be used to cover the cargo that is being carried in the pickup. Another added feature is the security of the contents that lay on the bed, and to be able to keep them safe from direct sunlight, or rain. As access of either of them can destroy most products. Similarly, in convertibles there can be a soft and a hard cover.