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used trim ring

Trim Ring​

Trim ring is what is used on the trim of the wheels, of the vehicle. These trim rings feature an all metal body, and are used to enhance the beauty of the wheels of the vehicle. These trim rings come in various sizes, and can fit almost any wheel. The best way to dramatically improve the look of the wheels of the vehicle, is by adding trim rings. These trim rings help cover the dinged, scraped, and dented rim edges. And offer the space a fresh and beautiful touch. Most of the trim rings come in a chrome colour, and are chrome plated. This allows them to match with the rim of the wheel, and add more beauty to the vehicle; without having to make any major changes. These trim rings also come in a stainless steel look, which is less flashy than the chrome finish; and adds a more subtle look to the wheels of the vehicle. The trim ring has a set depth, and width that can match most wheels.

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