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Wiper Arm​

The wiper arm is the metal body that carries the wiper. There are usually two wiper arms on each vehicle, and both of them are present on the front windscreen; but there are vehicles that feature a third wiper arm that is located on the rear windscreen. These wiper arms carry a wiper that is used to clean the windscreen of a vehicle. This is an automatic system, that only requires for the driver to turn on the stick located next to the steering wheel. These wiper arms are heavy duty, and can withstand different temperatures. The main task of the wiper arm is to ensure that the wipers are offer the perfect pressure to clean the screen. The driver relies on heavily on these wiper arms during rain storms, or snowing, and any other weather condition that makes the windscreen dirty or creates a layer that the driver is unable to see through. These wiper arms work simultaneously, to offer more coverage of the windscreen area. Vintage vehicles feature wiper arms that had to used manually. Those wiper arms came with a latch inside the vehicle, that had to be moved in order to clean the windscreen.