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Ignition Switch ​

The ignition switch is found in every vehicle, and is located on the right side of the steering in most cases. The ignition switch features four modes:

1) Accessories – when the ignition switch is moved towards accessories; it allows the use of the accessories of the vehicle; such as the radio, windows, etc. during this the vehicle’s engine is calm and not overworking.

2) Off – when they key has been turned to the off section, this means that the driver wishes for the car to enter its default settings. The off option is to ensure that each and every working of the vehicle has been powered off.

3) On – is where the car’s electrical systems kick into gear, and can be used. In this position the vehicle’s electrical system has been turned on.

4) Ignition – the fourth and final set is used to turn the vehicle on completely. This is where the engine of the vehicle comes to life. The key automatically turns back from the ignition system, as it is only used to turn the vehicle on; and keeping it constantly on that mode can burn the ignition switch out.

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