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Oil Cooler​

A oil cooler is when the engine oil in a vehicle, is used as a coolant; this involves the removal of surplus heat; that has accumulated on the engine. In this process when the engine is working, it tends to get hot; so when the engine is hot, it transfers all the heat to the oil; which then passes through a oil cooler, which works as a radiator. This oil coolers main job is to cool the oil, and then flow the same cooled oil back to the hot engine to help them cool. This process is continuously followed when the engine of the vehicle is running to ensure that the engine does not overheat, and break down. The main catch of this process is that oil has a higher boiling rate than water, so it holds the ability to cool down things that are even 100 degrees hot. As oil is an electrical insulator, it can be safely used on or inside electrical components without damaging or hurting their working.