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used oil pan

Oil Pan Engine​

An oil pan engine is used to store the oil that is used to cool down the engine of the vehicle. This oil pan are made using a thin steel, and are placed on the bottom of the crankcase. These oil pans are attached to ensure that the working of the vehicle is maximized. This is because to help cool down the engine, oil is used as a coolant. This oil runs through the engine, and cools it down, this helps ensure that the engine will not overheat, and the process keeps on repeating to ensure that the engine is not exceeding the temperature limit. The oil stored in these oil pans is the oil, that is acting as a coolant. This oil is only collected when the engine is resting, or turned off; to ensure that the oil does not spill. There is a small plug under the oil pan, that can be used to remove the old oil before pouring in the new one.

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