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Radiator Cover Baffle​

The radiator in any vehicle is placed to keep the engine from overheating, and this is made possible by the radiator through a coolant. This collant roams the engine and collects the heat, and while it passes through the radiator the fan cools the coolant down, so it can get back to cooling the engine. This is a necessary procedure, placed to ensure that the engine does not overheat and shut down. This is why the radiator must be kept in its place at all times, so it can keep providing the vehicle with its service. And to ensure that from happening is where the radiator cover baffle comes in. the radiator cover baffle is installed to support the radiator of the vehicle, and to keep it in its place. An added feature besides support is that the radiator cover baffle channels and diverts air, which helps the radiator cool the engine even during extreme conditions. Without a radiator cover baffle, the radiator can slip out of place, and the cooling process will come to a halt, leading to an engine failure.