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Radiator Fan Shroud​​

The radiator is located in the engine of the vehicle, as it is required to keep the engine cool, and working at all times. As when the engine is running it heats up, so the radiator was installed to ensure that that does not happe. As an overheated engine can lead to an engine failure. The radiator has two tanks, and a cooling fan. This cooling fan does not cool the engine, but it cools the coolant, that is used to cool down the engine. As the heated coolant makes it way back to the radiator to cool down, the fan of the radiator is what helps it to cool down. The radiator fan is hung using shroud, so it holds its place. The Radiator fan shroud is made from aluminum, which is light  in weight, and is able to hold its place. The fan is able to flow air in perfect speed, and will be secure in the same place when the next process beings.