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Rocker Arm​

The rocker arm in the vehicle is known as a lever, that is used to convey the radial movement to the linear movement from the cam lobe. The linear movement is located in the popper valve, which is used to open it. On one hand, the end is lifted and brought down using a rotating lobe directly or using a tappet lifter along with a pushrod, this rotates the lobe of the camshaft. When the camshaft lobe is used to raise the outside arm, the inside arm automatically presses down. The inside is pressing down on the valve stem, which results in opening of the valve. Similarly, when the outside arm returns to its original state, due to the rotation of the camshafts; the inside arm automatically rises above. This process close the valve, which was being held open. The rocker arm is made using a heavy metal, so it can offer a longer and stronger result.