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Timing Cover​

A timing cover is an integral component, that is especially designed to protect the timing chain, cam belt, or timing belt of the vehicle; from the gravel, grime, and debris found on roads. The timing chain or belt of the vehicle, is used to control the rotations of the crankshaft and the cam shafts; which is placed inside the combustion engine. For as long as the chain or belt are spinning, the vehicle’s engine valves close and open in a synchronized movement; along with the exhaust strokes, and the cylinder’s intake. This will depend on the vehicle, if the vehicle has a timing chain, cam belt, or timing belt. The vehicle has a belt, the timing cover will be able to protect it from damage and dirt. The timing cover is made using metal, or plastic, or in some cases both. For vehicles that feature a timing chain, the timing cover, is used to protect the front section of the engine block; and a timing cover gasket is used. This timing cover gasket is made from metal, and is lubricated using the engine oil.