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used turbocharges


A turbocharger, is also known as a turbo, and works as a gas compressor in a vehicle. The task of the turbocharger is to inject air to the internal combustion engines the turbocharger is much like the supercharge, but with a few basic differences. The turbocharger is used to increase the amount of air that enters the engine of the vehicle, and creates more power. The compressor of the turbocharger is powered using a turbine, which is driven with the help of the exhaust of the engine. It is not using a direct mechanical drive, and helps in improvement of the turbocharger. When the engine of the vehicle creates power, with is achieved by burning fuel and air. These fuel and air are placed in a cylinder to burn off. When they have burnt, the piston is pushed down. These pistons then turn the crankshaft, which creates power. This power is measured in horsepower in vehicles. The turbocharger contains a small fan pump which spins around the shaft. The pump works with the pressure from the exhaust gas. If the air pressure that is being delivered to the engine by the turbochargers is too high, it can damage the engine of the vehicle.

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