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Junk Yards in Cities

Here at, we have taken all of the junkyards in cities located across the United States and compiled them into our vast Junkyards Near Me Database. This vast collection of complied data gives the user complete control over finding junkyards in the city you choose. Not only do you get to choose to search junkyards by city, but within this search you can locate junkyards in distance by miles from your current location or just use your zip code. Each search quickly brings all the information you need up in a single page for a junkyard that fits your match. This information includes the name, street address, city, state and zip code with the telephone number and hours of operation when applicable.  Finding junkyards and quality used auto parts has never been easier, so start searching today!

How do I find Junkyards Near Me?

Click your state name below, then select the major city you are searching in, and the results will be displayed for you.


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Search for more junk yards in cities across the United States by zip code or by state name at


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