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Junk Yards by State

Find junkyards and salvage yards in the USA by zip code. Complete a Parts Finder request form and get saving.

With over 10,300 junkyards in our database you can rest easy knowing you will find quality used auto parts. As part of the Auto Recycler’s Association, any junkyards found in your state will be in good standing. Providing quality, friendly service at an affordable price. Allow to help you on your “junkyards near me” or “used auto parts near me” search today. When salvage yards work hard for your business you are almost guaranteed to get the best price!

Don’t feel like searching through each individual junkyard near you to find the part you are looking for? has made it easier on you with our PARTS FINDER form. Locate parts across the country fast and for the best pricing available! We provide the best price for the auto part you are looking for. Review price, condition, warranty information, and other vital information about those quality used auto parts. Another great thing about our services, we that we will locate parts in the dry climate areas, and not in the rust belt or snow beaten states. This helps you rest easy, knowing the auto parts are not  rusty or about to fall apart when received. At we are all about selling customers used quality auto parts at an affordable price.

Don’t waste your time with long hold times, and poorly trained used car part brokers. They aim to make a profit off of you by marking up prices as much as 50%! Cut out the middleman and get the quality used car part you need at the best available price. Therefore, you can save an average of 35% to 50% of the “aftermarket part cost”! We have saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years with this convenient auto part search form, so why not join in on the savings today!

To get started, click on your state, enter your zip code in the search box provided, to get a map of all the junkyards in your area! The junkyards listed by state will have contact numbers provided along with addresses, and hours of operation when applicable.

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