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Alabama Junk Yards

Find junkyards in Alabama that sell quality used auto parts at affordable prices! The junkyards in Alabama sell used auto parts, engines, transmissions, and body panels. There are more recycled parts on the road today because we should take better care of our planet. By reusing auto parts, oil, fuel, money, and labor is saved. When resources are not being used to produce new auto parts its better for the entire planet.

With the incline of the population density, all the junk yards that have fresh rotations of new, used and gently owned vehicles in the inventory. The junkyards in Alabama that are listed below will are associated with the Alabama Automotive Recyclers Association. The yards are required to provide honest business practices and operate by the regulations and guidelines of the EPA. Junkyards in Alabama and all across the United States are starting to appear. Alabama is located in the “South” United States, because of this, the snow stays further north. So most of the metal body parts will be in great shape and not rusted.

If you don’t have any luck with any of the junkyards in Alabama listed below, complete our PARTS FINDER form, so that thousands of junk yards can compete for your business nationwide. The more companies compete, the better pricing you receive as the customer. All of our vendors are scrutinized monthly to insure fair and safe business practices, and we encourage anyone to report to us of any companies or used auto parts brokers violating these rules.