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used axle actuator

Axle Actuator (4WD)​

Axle Actuator (4WD) is a mechanism that engages the front differential to put the vehicle into four-wheel drive. A 4X4 actuator is an electric component as opposed to a manual lever which is used to engage the front axle of the vehicle.

More over the advantage of using the electric 4×4 actuator is that it has an  ability to switch from two-wheel to four-wheel drive without having to stop and shut off the vehicle.The disadvantage to having an electric 4×4 actuator rather than a manual 4×4 system is that sometimes it can take several minutes for the device to warm up enough to engage the front differential causing the vehicle to become stuck in areas where four-wheel drive is suddenly necessary. There is a 4×4 actuator available that is fully electric and does not require a warm-up period. This option engages the 4×4 immediately and is very useful for those who often drive off-road.

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