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used idler arm

Idler Arm ​​

The Idler Arm is seen on a vehicle that support a conventional parallelogram steering and a suspension system. This type of steering and suspension arrangements are used with vehicles that are virtually rear wheel drive. The idler arm acts as a pivoting support for the linkage, and consists of a bracket. The idler arm bracket is used to connect the bracket to the link in the center of the steering linkage; and the internal pivot bearing. There are a few vehicles that feature a two idler arm system, but most of them just use one. The main purpose of the idler arm is to help the pitman arm, which it does by providing support to the steering linkage when its moves in a direction that is being controlled by the steering gear. The idler arm is lubricate for a more effective and efficient result, as it is made using heavy iron it can rust if left unlubricated for long.

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