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used floor shifter assembly

Floor Shift Assembly​​

In automobiles incorporating a console-mounted shift lever assembly for an automatic transmission control, a range indicator assembly is attached to the shift lever assembly to form a subassembly. This subassembly is secured in the automobile by attaching the shift lever to the vehicle floor pan, inserting a console housing over the shift lever assembly and clipping the range indicator assembly to the console. The range indicator assembly has an indicator extension or post that mates with a shifter alignment feature or bracket on the base of the shift lever assembly. This mating establishes the fore/aft location of the range indicator assembly relative to the shift lever assembly. The clips cooperate with the console to determine vertical and transverse locations of the range indicator assembly. A trim plate is placed over the opening in the console and secured to the console by clip members. This effectively closes the opening around the range indicator assembly and the shift lever assembly. A flag driver on the range indicator assembly is operatively connected with the shift lever on the shift lever assembly at the time of subassembly to assure proper alignment of the indicator flag in the shift lever position relative to the indicia formed on the indicator assembly.

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