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We have an in depth resource of junkyards that will help you search for used Acura engines you’re searching. Don’t spend hours digging through junkyards for used Acura engines. Because you can send your request to junkyards nationwide that will fight for your business. It won’t matter if you drive an Acura CL, Acura Integra, Acura Legend or Acura TL, our junkyards are ready to find used Acura engines that are available. Because used engines will sometimes cost a lot less money over a remanufactured engine. Our engine parts finder tool is currently and absolutely free with no obligation to our company or the suppliers you contact with. All of our suppliers are members with the ARA. Therefore, you can expect great quality service.

Once you submit your request, all you have to do is sit back watch quotes pour to your inbox. Because completing our PARTS FINDER form,  your phone may start ringing with offers. Take it slow when reviewing quotes you receive. Suppliers can give you totally different warranties, shipping terms and prices on the used Acura motor you are looking for.

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