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Door Mirror​
The door mirrors, also know as the side mirrors are placed on the side of the drivers and passenger seat door. These mirrors are placed strategically to help the drive while driving. These door mirrors come in perfect use while checking for traffic, the left side one is used to check the traffic from the left side, and the right side on is used to check on traffic on the driver's right. These mirrors are usually simple in design, but there are vehicles that have a flashing light installed on their back. This light tells the other drivers which way the vehicle is about to turn, as the side that is flashing light, is the turn the driver is intending to take. These mirrors on the doors are made using a plastic outer body in most cases, and regular mirror. There are some vehicles that feature a specially designed side mirror, which blends in perfectly with the vehicle. There are some automatic and some manual side mirrors. The automatic ones can be operated from inside the vehicle, where the drive can change the angle of the mirror and open and close them automatically. Whereas the manual ones need to be opened and closed using hands.