Floor Mats​​
Vehicle mats, also known as automobile floor mats, are designed to protect for the floor of a vehicle from dirt, wear and salt corrosion.

One major use of a vehicle mat is to keep the car looking clean. Most mats can be easily removed for cleaning and then replaced. Some require fixation points to ensure they remain fixed in position.

Vehicle mats generally come in two options: either rubber or alternatively carpets. Carpet mats and rubber mats differ in a number of ways; each material provides advantages and disadvantages when compared to the other. For instance, Carpet mats are generally tufted and have a rubberized anti slip backing. On the other hand, rubber car mats are heavy duty and higher durability. While some car mats are the plain color of rubber, many contain branded company logos, cartoon characters or even advertisements. Some are in textile form of carpet material. They can also come in a wide range of colors. The terms universal and custom fit mats differentiate between floor mats that will fit a multitude of different cars and those that are specifically designed to fit only one chassis.



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