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Front Seat Belt Assembly​
Seat belt legislation requires the fitting of seat belts to motor vehicles and the wearing of seat belts by motor vehicle occupants. Laws requiring the fitting of seat belts to cars have in some cases been followed by laws mandating their use, with the effect that thousands of deaths on the road have been prevented. Different laws apply in different countries to the wearing of seat belts.

The front seat belt is present in front of the car for passenger seat and driving seat and the main components of Front Seat Belt Assembly are:

1. Belt and retractor Right

2. Cover Upper Back

3. Cover Lower Graphite Right

4. Adjuster Back

5. Seat belt anchor Right

6. Graphite Graphite Right

7. Pretensioner Right

 However, the failure of a driver or front-seat passenger to wear a seat belt can have consequences in personal injury lawsuits. Under court decisions and statutes in some states, the plaintiff's failure to wear a seat belt can decrease his or her recovery for injuries in a car accident. In other states, cases and statutes hold that the failure to wear a seat belt may not be used in court as a mitigating factor in figuring the plaintiff's damages.