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Fuel Tank Sending Unit  ​
The Fuel Tank Sending Unit is ideally situated in the fuel tank area of the vehicle, and contains a float. This float is usually made of foam, that is connected with a thin metal rod. At the end of the rod there is a variable resistor, to which the rod is mounted on. This is an electrical device, that is i used to resist the electricity flow. The more the resistance is shown, the less current will be seen in the flow. The variable resistor in the fuel tank consists of a single strip of resistive material. Which is connected to the ground from one side. There is a wiper that has been connected to the gauge along side the stip of material, which conducts the current to the resistor from the gauge. The resistance space can be measured by the wiper, for instance, if the wiper is close to the grounded side the resistance is small, and if it is on the other end the resistance is large.