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Headliner is the material that is pasted on the inside of the roof of vehicles. This is a face fabric, that is nonwoven, and do not consist any foam backing. Headliners bring forward the perfect feel, look, sound reduction, and stiffness needed in vehicles. These headliners are designed keep in mind, that during an accident the driver or passengers might face head impact. These headliners are made using a tricot knit fabric, which is napped so it can provide a uniform appearance and soft touch. This does not only add to the interior design of the vehicle, its job is to help prevent an impact that would be far worse if directly hitting a metal top. To ensure that the headliner can help reduce the impact, the material is made using various layers of headliner; that are later compressed together. This headliner might not be able to protect the passengers completely, but they are able to lower the hitting impact.