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Ignition Module ​
An Ignition Module, is a computer system that controls the ignition coil(s) firing time. The main task of the ignition module is to provide the engine system with a spark. This system is the heart of the vehicle's ignition system. This ignition module relies on the vehicle's battery, to provide it with the spark; which is used to set the ignition system, and then helps in turning the vehicle on. The job of the vehicle's battery is to provide the ignition module with a voltage high enough to provide the plugs with spark. The vehicle is highly dependent on this process, as without the spark the vehicle would not start. The ignition module system is usually located inside the vehicle, and can be found near the distributor; and will be coated with insulation compounds. This is to ensure that the internal electronic components are working. The ignition has two main tasks, one is to produce enough voltage to generate a spark, that is used fro the air and fuel mixture for combustion. Its second task is to control the timings of the spark, as it needs to occur at the perfect moment.