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Intake Manifold​
In a vehicle's engine, the intake manifold, also known as the inlet manifold; is that part of the engine, which supplies the fuel air mixture to the engine's cylinders. The term manifold comes from an old English word “manigfeald” which refers to multiplying one pipe into many. The exhaust manifold is used to collect all the exhaust gases, from the various cylinders; using various small pipes; and brings them all down to one. The main function of the intake manifold in the vehicle's engine, is to evenly distribute or to inject the combustion mixture. This is made possible as the pipes take them to each cylinder head. The evenly distribution of the combustion mixture is important, as this will help in optimizing the performance and efficiency of the vehicle's engine. The intake manifold can also be used as a mount for the carburetor, fuel injectors, throttle body, and other components of the engine.