An intercooler is basically an intake air cooling device that is mostly used with supercharged and turbocharged engines. The main task of the intercooler is to take the air that has been compressed by the supercharged or turbocharged engine; which helps in reducing the temperature. Which in return increases the density of the air that is being supplied to the engine of the vehicle. The working of the intercooler are simple, when the air is being compressed by the super or turbocharged engine; it automatically gets hot. As the temperature is going up, the oxygen level drops; so when the intercooler cools the air, it offers the space a more richer oxygen to the engine. This in return allows more fuel to be burned, which helps in improving the combustion of the vehicle, which delivers the vehicle with more power. Furthermore, it increases the reliability by providing a consistent temperature. This entire process allows the fuel air ratio to remain at a steady and safe level.



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