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Radiator Core Support 
Radiator Core Support is located in front of the radiator, and is a frame that is attached using bolts on the side. These core support are made using heavy duty material, and are designed to take on the weight of the radiator of the vehicle. The core radiator support helps ensure that a good system is at play. The radiator is heavily dependent on the support system, as the engine is on the mount that ensure that it will stay in its place. Similarly, the core radiator support plays a huge role in ensuring that the radiator stays where it is suppose to be, so the vehicle keeps functioning perfectly. Aside from securing the radiator in its place, the core support is used to attach the radiator to the upper and lower rails and the side aprons. Which ensure that the radiator stays near the engine, and the coolant is pumped through the entire engine. But it is far enough to ensure that it does not get damaged from the heat.