Ring and Pinion Only​​
The Ring and Pinion set in gears, is not easily found in all the gear systems. As technology is on the rise we see new inventions coming out almost every day. The ring and pinion gear on the other hand has two main purposes, and those are to translate the rotation 90 degrees, which helps in driving the wheel. The other is to help slow down the rotation speed, from the transmission; so the wheel speed is more controllable and usable. The ring and pinion is seen in rear wheel drive vehicles where the central shaft, engages with the various aspects using the hypoid gear. The hypoid is also known as the ring and pinion. This is mounded on the carrier, that is placed to form the differentials, which are the planetary chain. The ring and pinion is known to be a bevel gear, and it has the ability to change the drive rotation.



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