A starter is found in semi electric vehicles, where drivers are not required to inset a key and start the vehicle by turning the key. Instead, they simply push the start button, and the vehicle comes to life. These buttons are black, and easy to locate; as they are located around the driver seat, and are close to the reach of the driver. The exact location depends on the vehicle. As the starter is used, and not the key turn, the process remains the same, just the method changes. The starter key is a faster and more secure way to start the car as compared to the key turn system. In the key turn system, the driver is required to turn they key to turn the vehicle on. The last turn is ignition, and if the driver keeps the key on there for too long it can burn out the ignition system. They electric starter is also more efficient, as the driver will not have to wait for the engine to get ready, and not turn the key a few times; all the driver will be required to do is press the button, to turn the vehicle on or off.


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